Weddings are sacred, weddings are special, weddings carry loads of memories. Wedding invitations also exist since the time weddings started and with due time it has also developed and changed like every other thing. These days wedding inivitations are not just a medium of inviting people but they also carry a deep meaning and loads of emotions.

TMS believes in creating wedding souvenirs which talks about the couple, the functions, the celebrations and the surreal relationship being shared by both the invitee and the guests. With this belief, we create wedding souvenirs which are to be kept as a memory keepsake of that beautiful event and to be cherished forever. From fridge magnet to table tops and wall hanging, these souvenirs can be customized in different sizes and styles.

Matchbox Wedding Souvenirs - Bridal Shower Invitation, Wedding Function invitations, Guests' Welcome Souvenir (Destination Wedding)

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