My Dream Project for Madhuri Dixit Nene!

A story or I must say it's more than just a story, it's a journey from scratch to create something for the Dhak Dhak Girl of Bollywood!

It's a journey where two unique concepts met each other to create something awesome! It's a journey of create something which marks a memorable birthday for her! It's not a journey of me creating the matchboxes but it's a journeyr of every single person who actively participated in this activity.

A fan club named "Madhuri Empress" came up with a concpet where in they wanted to celebrate Madhuri Dixit's bollywood journey. They run an online polling for 12 different catgeories. The 12 matchboxes were crafted showcasing each category as award. Each of the matchboxes customized as per award category and inside the pictures of each category were shown in different styling related to Bollywood.

These 12 matchboxes were set in a box frame and sent out to her on Birthday. As token of love the club also sent customized matchboxes to her family members.

The category winners like Karan Johar, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Uttam Singh were also sent their matchbox awards.

Yes it was months of task and cherry on the top was "The Pandemic".

But at the end it was all paid off when Madhuri and Mr. Nene shared thier matchboxes on their accounts!