The Brand

The Matchbox Stories is a homegrown brand started out of love and passion for miniature & paper crafting. The brand boasts of gifts and articles that aren't at all, heavy, but pack a heavy punch! It was only in 2018, when the founder came across this idea of using matchboxes in art.
A big-time crafting and DIY enthusiast, Shalini, had a beautiful tiny art piece fixed in a cute little box. Such was the exquisiteness of the art thus created, that she decided to make more of it.
She then started gifting them off to near and dear ones, who never stopped praising the miniature marvels! Soon, she realised that there was a huge ask for more of such cutesies, with different themes and stories.
That is when she thought of having a dedicated page for them, so that it reaches a bigger audience and brings in more and more love! Gradually, she started taking requests that paid too. Soon, there were requests drifting in from every nook and corner and such was the magnitude that it became imperative for her to convert the art into a product!

Today, The Matchbox Stories is a HAPPY, JOLLY and PROUD brand which has four to five different range of products with each range having a decent collection. It is only because the love that TMS has been receiving over the years, that, we stand where we do and The Matchbox Stories would continue delivering love filled in those cute little boxes!