Girl behind the brand!

Hi! I am Shalini Rai an Event Manager by Profession and a Matchbox Artist by Passion. I love miniatures and I love crafting! Like every 8 out of 10 people, I also have been doing crafting (DIY) since my childhood. But frankly speaking I got to know about the term "miniature art" 4 years back only :)
As my fondness towards the miniature art grew, I started seeing the world differently, started seeing everything tiny in a box and to be precise – in a Matchbox! It was that time when I started creating art in Matchboxes as gifts for my friends, and here I am today trying to turn my passion into profession.
It's never an easy journey neither would it be, especially when one is already a fulltime employee in such profession (events). But I know if one has a dream, they will do anything to bring it to the reality and that is what I am doing.
The love I get from the people, the sense of their happiness and satisfaction acts as my driving force for creating such intricate art. It’s incomparable and gives me motivation for constantly evolving the art and exploring new dimensions.

I love what I do and I do what I love!

Thank You for coming by and reading about me! Keep showering your love!